August 22nd, 2017

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Board, Commission, & Council Members

Buena Vista, Virginia


Listed below are various Boards, Committee, Councils, and Commissions serving the City of Buena Vista. Current vacancies are posted on the news page of the website.  If you are interested in being considered for one of these organizations, please contact:


Clerk of City Council

Dawn Moore

(540) 261-8601


(2-Year term by election)

L. Frankie Hogan, Mayor (Jan. 2014-Dec. 2015)


City Council

(4-Year term by election)

Larry F. Tolley – Vice Mayor (July 2014-Dec. 2017)

Lisa Clark (Jan. 2012-Dec. 2015)

Jane Armstrong (Jan. 2012-Dec. 2015)

Tim Petrie (May 2014-Nov. 2014)

Steve Baldridge (Jan. 2012-Dec. 2015)

Melvin Henson (July 2014-Dec. 2017)


Standing Committees

Finance Education & Administration – Larry Tolley and Lisa Clark

Public Works and Public Safety – Tim Petrie and Melvin Henson

Parks & Recreation – Melvin Henson and Steve Baldridge

Economic Development – Jane Armstrong and Steve Baldridge



Constitutional Officers

(4-Year term by election)

Yolanda Boatwright, Treasurer

MarVita Flint, Commissioner of the Revenue

W. Randy Hamilton, Sheriff

Christopher B. Russell, Commonwealth’s Attorney


Constitutional Officer

(8-Year term by election)

Christopher Coleman, Clerk of Circuit Court


Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission (CSPDC)

(3-Year term)

Larry Tolley (Jul 2014-Jun 2016)


Cemetery Committee

Karen Vassar (2009-2012)

Mar Vita Flint (2009-2012)

Frankie Hogan (2012-2014)

Irma Thompson (2009-2012)

Missy Rice (2009-2012)

Jay Scudder (2012-2014)


Rockbridge Area Social Services Board

(4-Year term appointed by City Council)

Gerri Pryor (Sept. 2012-Aug 2016)

Mary Francis Burks (Nov 2012-Oct. 2016)


Resource Conservation and Development Council

Mr. Ward H. Robens, Jr.


Buena Vista Economic Development Authority (EDA)

(4-Year term appointed by City Council)

Jim Hudson (April 2013-Mar 2017)

Ronnie Slough Vice Chairman (April 2014-Mar 2017)

Don McCaulley (April 2012-Mar 2016)

Fred Schultz (April 2015-Mar 2017)

Marilyn Cash, (April 2012-Mar 2016)

Richard Roberts (Jan. 2011-Jan. 2015)

James Carter (Aug. 2011-July 2015)


Rockbridge Regional Library Board

(4-Year term appointed by City Council)

Mary Joe Brinkley (Jun 2014-May 2018)

Thomas Lominac (Oct 2014-Jun 2015)

Nancy Robens (Jul 2013-Jun 2017))


Shenandoah Valley Partnership

(2-Year term appointed by City Council)

Brian Brown (Aug. 2013-Jul 2015)


Workforce Investment Board

(3-Year appointment by City Council)

Janice Shanks (Apr 2010 -Apr 2013)


Planning Commission

(4-Year term appointed by City Council)

Mr. Dennis Hawes, Chairman (Aug 2012-Jul 2016)

Mr. Wayne Flint (Sept 2013-Aug 2017),

Mrs. Lucy Ferrebee (Oct. 2011-Sept. 2015)

Mr. Bill Braddy (Jul 2012-Jun 2016)

Mr. Mike Ohleger (Jul 2014- Jun 2018)

Mr. Keith Gibson (Jan. 2012- Dec 2016)

Mr. Richard Roberts (Jan. 2012-Dec 2016)

Mr. Melvin Henson (Oct. 2011-Sep 2015)


Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

(5-Year term; appointed by Council; Approved by Circuit Court Judge)

Art Fuller (Jan 2013-Dec 2014)

Mr. Steve Douty (Jan. 2012-Dec 2017)

Mr. Fred Yelverton, Vice Chairman (Jan. 2011-Dec. 2015)

Mr. Dennis Hawes (Jan. 2012-Dec 2017)

Mrs. Marolyn Cash (Jan 2009-Dec 2014)


Disability Services Board

(Rotating 3-Year term)

Fred Fix (Jan 2014-Dec 2018)

Janet Fix (Jun 2013-Jul 2017)

Anne Sterrett (Jan 2008-Dec 2015)

Robert Fiy (Feb 2014- Jan 2018)


Jail Commission

(Appointed yearly by City Council)

Jay Scudder (Jan. 2014- Dec. 2014)


Maury Service Authority

(Appointed by City Council)

James Carter (Jun 2014-May 2017)


Public Recreation Facilities Authority

(Appointed by City Council)

MarVita L. Flint -Chairperson (Jul 2014-Jun 2018)

Timothy Dudley -Secretary (Jul 2014-Jun 2018)

Billy Fitzgerald (Jul 2014 -Jun 2018)

Ronnie Coffey (Jul 2014-Jun 2018)

Sam L. Mays (Jul 2014 -Jun 2018)

Mel Henson (Jul 2014-Jun 2018)


Rockbridge Area Community Services Board (RACSB)

Dr. James C. Bradford, Jr. (Jan. 2012-Dec. 2014)

Don McCaulley (Jan 2014 -Dec. 2016)

Judy Casteele (Jan 2013-Dec 2015)


Dabney S. Lancaster Community College Board

Steve Douty (Jul 2013-Jun 2017)


Deputy Fire Marshall

(Appointed by City Council)

Larry Moore


Central Shenandoah EMS Council

(Appointed by City Council)

Ronald Slough


Electoral Board

(Appointed by the Republican and Democratic Parties)

Dr. James C. Bradford, Chairman

Mr. Mike Ohleger

Ms. Peggy McCaulley

Arlene Garrett, Registrar


City Attorney

Brian Kearney


Regional IDA

(4-Year term appointed by City Council)


James Carter (Aug 2011- Jul 2015)