August 22nd, 2017

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Commissioner of the Revenue





Typically, the duties of the Commissioner are as follows:


Registering Personal Property

Personal property includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, trailer and boats. Businesses must also pay tax on business equipment in addition to any company owned vehicles.


Assessing Personal Property

The Virginia Code states that personal property, when assessed for taxation, must be assessed at the fair market value.


Administering Business Taxes

Business taxes include business license, machinery & tools and excise taxes.


Administering Public Service Corporation Taxes

Power companies, phone companies and railroads are public service corporation and their taxes are assessed and billed every six months.


Preparing Virginia Income Tax Returns

Each year the Office of the Commission of Revenue prepares and electronically files Virginia Tax returns for Buena Vista’s residents. This service is provided at no charge to the taxpayer.


Real Estate

All Real Estate records for the City of Buena Vista are maintained on a monthly basis.