August 21st, 2017

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Building Inspector

Required Permits



Building Permits:


In order to receive a building permit, approval must first be given by the Zoning Administrator. Such approval will require a site sketch of a site plan.


The following applications require building permits:


• All plumbing that ties into City taps now requires a permit and must be inspected prior to covering any lines.

• Anything you construct or alter to a structure (New home, garage, accessory building or remodeling)

• Electrical, plumbing, or mechanical (HVAC)

• Commercial signage

• Pools or tanks

• Industrial or commercial remodeling or construction

• Vinyl siding, replacement windows, or remodeling in excess of 50% of property value

• Demolish a structure




• Painting, plastering, wall-papering

• Electrical less than 50 volts

• Storage building under 150 square feet

• Replacement of roof covering, carpet, cabinets, or floor coverings.

• Any replacement of mechanical or plumbing equipment and appliances (except those fueled by gas or oil) within a dwelling unit in occupancies of Use Group R-2, which are 4 stories or less in height and in occupancies of Use Groups R-3 and R-4.