August 22nd, 2017

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Public Works

Brush Policy




Section 24-35   Collection of Trash, etc.

No bulk trash, refuse, tree limbs, shrubbery, leaves and other similar matter shall be collected without additional charge, unless such matter can be and is placed in a suitable container. (Code 1967, 24-11)


Section 24-36   Collection of Limbs and Cuttings

Limbs and cuttings shall be cut in five (5) foot lengths and tied in bundles not exceeding one and one-half (1 1/2) feet in diameter and placed by the garbage container on regular collection days. (Code 1967, 24-12)


PLEASE NOTE: Excessive amounts of brush or debris are in violation of the City Code (Section 24-35 and Section 24-36) shown above. These policies were adopted by the City Council in 1984 and govern the quantity and manner in which brush and debris may be picked up by the city.

No tree trunks, branches, limbs or shrubbery larger than six (6) inches in diameter and/or longer than ten (10) feet or heavier than one hundred (100) pounds shall be collected by the City. Tree and shrubbery limbs must have protruding branches trimmed and must be neatly stacked and placed in an orderly manner near the curb or along alleyway. Stacks may not block the alley. Branches, limbs, and shrubbery trimmings should be stacked or tied to prevent scattering by the wind. Thorny vegetation shall be placed in small separate neat piles or in containers.


FURTHER NOTE: Residents who bring in contractors to remove a tree or trees, must have the contractor remove that debris at their cost. It is recommended that such cost be included in any contract a resident makes with an outside contractor or handyman. Removal of these trees is not included in city services. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Public Works Department

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