August 22nd, 2017

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Public Works

Refuse Collection Schedule

City releases holiday refuse schedule


The City of Buena Vista Public Works Department has issued the following changes to the refuse collection schedule.  The changes will affect pickup on Friday, December 25th and Friday, January 1.  Residential collection will take place as scheduled for both weeks.  Friday collections for business on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day will be delayed one day to Saturday for both weeks.  If you need additional information, please call the Public Works Department at 261-1444.

REFUSE POLICY: All residential premises are to have either metal or plastic refuse containers with tight-fitting lids. They must be fitted with handles and may NOT be larger than 32 gallons in capacity. This is required under Section 24-19 of Article II of the Solid Waste Regulations within The Code of the City of Buena Vista.

Monday Refuse Schedule:

A. 41st Street, including Long Hollow Road, to 25th Street.

B. Designated businesses/commercial collections

Tuesday Refuse Schedule:

A. 25th to 19th Streets, all.

B. Designated businesses/commercial collections

Wednesday Refuse Schedule:

A. From 19th Street to 13th Street, all.

B. Designated businesses/commercial collections

Thursday Refuse Schedule:

A. From 13th Street to 1st Street, all.

B. Designated businesses/commercial collections

Friday Refuse Schedule:

A. Designated businesses/commercial collections


First week of the month – 1st Street to 13th Street

Second week of the month – 13th Street to 19th Street

Third week of the month – 19th Street to 25th Street

Fourth week of the month – 25th Street to 41st Street, including Hillside Drive.